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About Us

Antemina International LLC established in 2000, as a regional supplier for a wide range of goods and services in sectors ranging from security, agricultural, transportation, construction, equipment supplies, telecommunication and Information Technology, and various other sectors.

while Iraq is a major market in our operations, this country has endured many successive humanitarian hardships throughout the last two decades making it a hotspot for many relief agencies, reconstruction and rehabilitation in which Antemina assisted several organizations by supplying many of their requirements under a UN designed program known as the MOU between Iraqi Council of Representatives (ICOR) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Antemina International is a leading company in providing customer-tailored projects and services for different clients in Iraq from Iraqi government, official authorities and with United Nations Organizations and humanitarian relief agencies.

By securing and executing many successful projects with the Iraqi government, through different Ministries, and providing with the best solutions to fulfill our clients objectives and with the best quality services


To provide high quality products and services that combine performance with value and establishing a successful relationship with our customers and our suppliers.


To be a leading company in providing high quality products and services by having the resources and relentless drive to deliver when and where no one else can within the Iraqi market.

Antemina International is a regional company with our headquarter suited in Amman, Jordan; and our fully operational service and logistic support offices across Iraq (South, Capital, and North).

Customer satisfaction is our policy focus, Antemina International is fully committed to provide the valuable clients with products of the best quality and services that’s exceed expectations; and to continuously develop and promote strategies to enhance its overall performance.