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About Antemina International L.L.C.

    Established in 2000 as the trading arm of the pioneer Iraqi group “Shuaa Global Group for Investments”, Antemina International LLC quickly became one of the largest regional suppliers of various goods and services.

    Mission & Vision

      Mission: To provide high quality products that combine performance with value pricing and establishing a successful relationship with our customers and our suppliers.

      Vision:  To be a leading worldwide organization in providing products and services by having the resources and relentless drive to deliver when and where no one else can.




    Formula for Success

    In today’s competitive business environment, we strongly believe that success and customer satisfaction can only be gained by incorporating three valuable factors:

    - Highest level of quality in supplies and    services
    - On-Time Delivery
    - Strict management system

    In practice, Antemina insisted from the beginning to build a global supply network of renowned manufacturers and dealers to ensure the delivery of top quality goods and services.

    Time of Delivery is another vital factor in our formula.  We work with the most professional partners in shipping and logistic controls to help ensure Antemina’s well established appraisal system is as accurate as possible.

    To complete the formula of success, we had to adopt a controlled operations management system. This was done by incorporating an advanced procurement plan, which was executed by a professional and carefully selected cadre.

    These factors helped Antemina to conclude each awarded project perfectly, which subsequently lead various international relief organizations to approve Antemina as a major supplier.

    Operation Markets

    Iraq is a major market in our operations. Throughout the 90’s this country has suffered many successive humanitarian hardships which made it a hotspot for many relief agencies.

    Antemina assisted these organizations in supplying many of their requirements under a UN designed program well-known as the MOU (Oil for Food).

    Additionally, our activities span to other developing countries; e.g. N. Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan; and wherever quick and reliable deliveries are needed.




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